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                        "Farah's Mirage "

         Belly Dancing Classes and Performances     

                Warm Up Choreography/ Combinations

1. Arms R L R cross hair, face, flip down, chest waist.

2. Camel lift 3 counts. Step forward on 4 w/ L

3. Camel lift 3 step back on 4 w/ R

4. Camel lift R arm up 4 times

5. Shimmy down 2 shimmy up 2 (option cross arms)

6. Drop hip 4 double counts switch after last drop. *(Remember, after count 4 drop, step back immediately)

7. Same thing other side switch back after 4 counts

8. Drop extend 4 times W L

9. Shimmy in place 4 counts (*Remember, on 4 step w/ left and get ready for R hip)

10. Hip Push: R middle L middle 4 counts

11. Hip push around in a Circle: 8 counts *(Don't come back to the middle on the last count: pass it and pose)

12. Back and around 3 counts switch on 4

13. Back and around 3 counts switch on 4

14. Back and around 3 counts switch on 4

15.Back and around 3 counts. Step out of it with your left foot on 4

16 Hip slide shimmy 4 counts. Put your arms in place.

17. Side step 4 counts w L hand on hair and R out *(scoop the honey jar)

18. Figure eight backwards: 4 counts L R L R *Feet slide together on the last count.

19. circle hips around 4 counts w/ feet together.

20 Shimmy 2 counts w/ lower. Shimmy 2 w/ upper as you step back w L

21. Side step other way 4 counts*(scoop the honey jar)

22. figure eight backwards 4 counts starting R L R L *Feet slide together on the last count.

23.Back and around 4 counts w/ feet together.

24. Drop waddle waddle 3 counts. Side side on 4

25. Same thing other way

26. Intraverted figure eight starting L/ 4 counts. .

27. Slide in Rt leg and start maya 4 counts

28. shimmy 4 counts

29. Flat L  Ball Ball Ball, 3 times then transition

30.  Other way 3 times then transition*(Land with left hip in front)

Finish with 4 count shimmy(place left foot back on 4 and restart from the beginning of this warm up choreograraphy)