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Daily Practice (Farah's Mirage)


 Daily Practice

Warning: Make sure to stretch for at least 10-15 minutes before doing the following steps. Please remember: Although the following steps will eventually strengthen your back and hips, if they are not done correctly, you will thow your back out. In order to prevent this from happening, hold your core muscles very tight at all times, in other words, suck in your abdominal muscles constantly while performing each step.

Remember: Don't get discouraged; the following moves feel very awkward for several weeks; however, they have been especially designed for the female body and have been around for centuries. You will get use to them. I promise.


Side Undulations:  Start with right foot in front and lock your hips so they don't move at all. As the right side of the ribs slides about one inch to the right, push chest out to the front slightly over the stomach. Don't forget to suck your stomach in. Continue sliding to the left in a circular motion and back until you are in starting position.  Do this 3 times, then flatten the right foot on the count of 4 while sliding the left foot in front. Next, start counting again and do the same thing starting with the left side.  Try to do the same thing smoothly.  Remember, whichever foot is in front is the side that you puch out first. Don't get discouraged; this step is one of the hardest steps to master.

Back and Around:  Stand sideways with right hip facing mirror.  Push buttock's straight back and count out loud.  Everytime you say a number your buttocks should be in the same position, which is back.  In between counts the right hip should make a circle towards the mirror. You will count to three. On four you must place your feet parallel and twist so that you are in position to start from the Left  side. As soon as you get in position, you must push your buttocks back immediatly,resume counting and chant "Back and around, back and around, back and around, place and twist." Say this over and over as you practice this step.

Snake Arms:  Start with elbow going up.  As arm goes up wrist should be down.  While going down wrist goes up.  Do this one arm at a time with the shoulders low.

Eye of the Woman: (Wrist Circles)  Cross arms as you lift them over the head emphasizing hair.  When you get to the neck move hands forward framing face.  Bring pinky fingers toward each other and flip hands back to back.  Bring down chest stopping at belly button.  Use back of hands to brush waist and cross in the  back, emphasizing your assets.

Chest Lifts:  Start by standing with right hand behind hour head resting on your hair. The right foot should be placed flat behind you. Stand diagonally with left hip in front and raised on the ball of the foot.  Lift chest forward, up and around like a ferris wheel. Do this  3 times, then flatten the front foot on  4 and slide the opposite foot to the front and raise it onto the ball. If you are walking forward, remember to flatten the front foot on the count of 4 and slide the other leg up to the front and start again. Chantthe following over and over as you do this step: Lift drop lift drop lift drop flatten slide up.


Figure eight hips gong back:  Stand parallel with knees slightly bent and tail bone tucked under rather than out. Start with let hip twisted forward, flat footed, with feet about 8-10 inches apart. Remember to lift your upper body, pinch your shoulder blades together as if you were a butterfly about to take off. Be sure to lower your shoulders while staying lifted before you start. Next, look at the left hip that is twisted forward and visualize making a half circle back with your hip. As you make the half circle you will notice that when you finish the right hip will be twisted forward. Remember to visualize the half circle again as you make it with your right hip. Continue this move for at least 1 minute a day. Visualize the number 8 as you make the design with your hips.

Drop Straighten: Start with right hip facing mirror and weight on back leg. Dig Rt hip into side, drop three times and straighten on four. Make sure  hip is down when you straighten your leg simultaneously. Switch sides and start again.

Shimmy chest: Lower your shoulders and start by letting your arms fall naturally to your sides. Next, lift your elbow about 4-5 inches away from your sides.  Now raise the forearm slightly and extend your fingers so your hands look long and slender. Lower the middle finger slightly to give the hands some shape. Now check yourself in the mirror and make sure your thumbs are close to your 1st finger and be sure that your elbows don't look pointed. Also, your hands should be about even wih your hips extended out and slightly forward. They should NOT be straight out to the side so you look like Jesus hanging on the cross. You must look relaxed? Keep your hands placed where they are, without letting them move around. Imagine your shoulders have little fists and start punching one at a time forward as you pull the other back. Continure moving the sholders forward and back over and over again.Keep the movements delicate as you build up speed, and remember the saying,"less is more."

Hip shimmies: Bend your knees slightly at all times. Keep your feet flat, and parallel about 6-8 inches apart. Lift your body up, lower your shoulders and keep your tail bone tucked. Now, start running in place with flat feet as fast as you can. Don't forget to smile slightly and bat your eye lashes once and a while. Warning: if you live on the top floor of an apartment complex your neighbors my think there is an earthquake.

That's all for now. See you at class.




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