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Rebirth Choreograhy: by Farah's Mirage


 Music by Solace you can find it on line with an extended intro. (fabulous)

1 veil intro

2 drop drop throw veil forward and back

3. down down 1 full hip roll, (up and over) then half roll lift chest drop.

4 Repeat Same thing  other  side and prepare for transition

5. Start R foot over left  open  again tap L , w/ oriental armes:  R, L, R hold

6 Other way starting w/ L foot same thing tap R

7. Other way start w/ R

8.Other way end w/ L foot in front and Same side toward audience

9.Back and around 3 times push(hip forward)pull (it back as you switch sides

10. Same thing other side Back and around 3 times push, pull,switch sides

11. spin w/ oriental arms 8 counts  

12 arms R L R L  (4 counts)

14 Same thing going down and up. (4 count)

15 flat ball ball ball going around 8 counts

16 start Circle L  R L & L.   R, L R & R  (4 Times or 16 counts) land with left side facing front)

17. Lift  chest arms low, high, flip down, pop,  pop switch

18. same thing other side

19 Grape vine start R foot going left  1 & 2 & 3 & drop left hip 2 times

20. Other way: drop right foot 2 times

21 go back again drop drop L

22. Throw hip 2 times forward and  L R L Prep (note* flat left, right back on the ball, left goes back again on the ball and you prep with right foot flat)

23 turn left double turn step together step

24 turn right same thing

25 Other way again ( turn, turn, left together left,  right forward land left

26 (turkish moon walk)step tap starting R foot lands and tap left 3 counts facing left  walking backwards. Back to audience on 4

27. Down oriental arms Rt, Left, rt left hold (slow slow, quick, quick, slow) start left same thing and come up. L R L R

28 Reach R L R LTurn around

29. figure eight 1 2 3 table back on 4

30 Repeat other way

31 Snake arms facing Right: (R, L R )

32  Back stroke starting R L R Hold  R