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Booking Performers is so easy. Just select option 1 or 2. 

Make your next party an event your guests will never stop talking about! Shake up your party with  belly dancers. Check out our available options below. A standard belly dance show is 30 minutes. We charge a flat rate for a performance, not the amount of time. We recommend 30 minutes; however, if you would like a longer performance, our dancers would be happy to extend the show for no additional charge if you request this in advance. Our goal is to make our clients happy. Feel free to call any time to discuss any special requests. 

Option 1: One dancer, 1/2-hour performance:$250. Includes props such as sword, wings, veils, canes and finger cymbols.Show also includes mini lesson and dance off, including a prize for the best participant.

Option 2: Two dancers 30-minute performance that includes duo choreography and solo choreography with props such as Isis wings, sword, finger cymbals, veils and canes. $400. Show also includes lesson and dance off for prize as in option 1.

Deposit Instructions:  If you heard about our company from Gigmasters, please read red writing below. If you do not know what the heck Gigmasters is, read the white writing below:

Gigmasters has a separate booking fee. If you pay this fee, no deposit is necessary. This $20 will reserve your dancer and Farah will email you an invoice for the remaining balance that will be collected by dancer when she arrives to your event to perform. This $20 booking is the only amount due in advance if booking via gigmasters.  So, if you are booking via Gigmasters, please submit their separate booking fee of $20 by clicking on their website. This booking fee will act as a deposit for your performance and your invoice will be sent by Farah for the remaining balance that will be collected by performer on the event date when dancer arrives.  In order to recieve invoice, please send your name, address of event, and the time of performance to 

If you are not booking via gigmasters, please send a deposit of $50 to Farah's Mirage.  This deposit will be deducted from your final balance. 

To book events, please email us or call 949 456-9370