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The Benefits of Bellydancing

 Benefits of Belly Dancing

     Everyone knows that exercise is essential for health and well-being, but many people find it difficult to get excited about working out. Belly Dancing offers an enchanting escape from the monotony of stair steppers, life cycles and treadmills. This ancient art form will benefit you in a wide variety of ways and on multiple levels.

    There are many important physical benefits. Extensive stretching and isolation movements are the fundamental focus of this type of dance. The low-impact movements utilize muscles groups surrounding the neck and shoulders, promoting good posture. It also tones and strengthens abdominal and core muscles surrounding the vertebrae and hips which improves balance. Not only will you will learn to move more gracefully and sensually, belly dancing will increase production of fluid in the joints and greatly increase flexibility. Undulations of the torso while belly dancing have also been proven to aid in digestion. Like other types of exercise, it burns a lot of calories.  Experts have estimated that belly dancing can burn between 300 to 400 calories per hour.  It also increases cardiovascular capacity and endurance, while decreasing your chances of developing osteoporosis. 

     Belly dancing will even improve your overall mental health. As the hypnotic music of the dance combines with the smooth repetitive motions of your body, you will experience true relaxation and stress relief along with a sense of enhanced creativity through self-expression. Besides making you feel more attractive and artistic, you may even feel more joyful and energetic.

  As you can see, belly dancing offers a wealth of benefits, many of which haven't even been mentioned. It will break the dull routine of a boring exercise program and bring balance to mind, body, and soul.